The Story of Reist and Andrea

Meet Reist Mummau. He is a runner and blogger of ‘Run Hard Always Finish’ and became a DONNA Ambassador over a decade ago. He and his wife Andrea have travelled to Jacksonville, Florida from Missouri every year to race The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer. But this year things are different. Just days after Reist completed this year’s DONNA Marathon, Andrea was diagnosed with breast cancer on February 18th. His avid running has now taken a back seat to the very thing he was running to end. Although his time putting miles in has slowed, his dedication has not. Years ago he fell in love with the “Love over Fear” spirit at DONNA Marathon Weekend that lifts every runner across the finish line. Now, Andrea and Reist understand this philosophy in a much deeper way, as they are working to find a new kind of finish line. All their time spent with the DONNA Foundation they believe has prepared them for what they are going through now. They learned to live each day through a lens of love rather than fear, waking up each morning grateful for being able to wake up, and smiling through even the tough days. This is truly how we take the fight out of cancer. “It is amazing that for the last decade, we have participated in the 26.2 with Donna The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer. And now, because of the work they do, my wife’s life was probably saved because the research that was help funded by the race.” -Reist Mummau