“I just had celebrated my 55th birthday, and was doing some pushups, and then, I just turned over, and did the breast check thing. I checked and I found a lump, and I thought I’m going to wait a week, so I felt the lump at the end of the week, and I immediately went to the doctor, and when she said it’s aggressive, I heard nothing after that.

One of my friends also said, “Let me contact The DONNA Foundation.” She gave them a call, and they were just right on it. The DONNA Foundation was the first, and it was kind of unbelievable, and so real, because they asked me a few questions. The next week or two they sent some help, so it’s not just about The DONNA Run, and the marathon, and the research that they do. The intimate personal things were there to help me at home.

When you do good by other people things come back to you. I had people praying for me all over. That gave me the most hope that they not only prayed for me, they sent monies for me, asked me what I needed, and they didn’t even live in this town. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for the help. It’s going to be okay if you stay strong.”